"Donna is a very effective coach. She is patient and communicates clearly. Her use of visual tools and efficient shortcuts makes anyone working with her succeed. Highly organized, her simple style supports all types of people and work contexts.  When I work with her, I always get new ideas and improve ways of doing the work. Donna is easy-going and smart!"  

-Natalie, Teacher


"Thank you, Donna, for helping me take critical stock of where I was in my career. You listened in a way that helped ME hear what I was saying about how I felt at work, then you asked questions that helped me identify the changes I needed to make. The most important change you helped me make was my attitude. I needed a zen guru and a cheerleader, and you were both. I got a promotion and three raises, and I am happy to greet the challenges of my new position because I know I've got you on my team!"

- Lindsey, Customer Service Representative

“If you need a multi-tasking, organizational, motivational Wizard of “Getting It Done,” Ms. Khanvali is your go-to Get It Done coach.  Donna is a no-nonsense professional who sees the big picture and helped me visualize mine while starting my business.  Donna’s ability to assist me in understanding what was holding me back from overcoming obstacles, thus creating a plan of attack to make it doable in daily can-do strategies, provided me with an invaluable tool in my life’s work. Donna is organized, efficient and generous of knowledge and spirit.” 

- Jane, CEO

"Donna has helped me in many ways. Starting a business, I was struggling with goal setting, productivity, and self-confidence. Her simple creative solutions, helpful accountability, patience, and awesome motivation have helped me and my business grow profoundly. I now make better use of my time, set daily goals and meet them, and believe I have the power to do anything I set my heart to. Donna is very compassionate, respectful, and easy to work with. She helped me achieve my goals in both my personal and professional life in little time." 

- Giovanna, Nutrition Consultant & Personal Chef

"Donna  has helped determine the necessary steps to reach my goals, develop strategies to overcome obstacles, yet she makes hard work not seem so hard! There is always a smile on her face and a soft voice that is calming yet gives firm direction. Most importantly, she is an amazing support system. She is my cheerleader.  I look forward to Donna's guidance as I continue to meet life’s challenges."

- Elizabeth, Special Events Coordinator

“I found Donna’s ability to communicate to be excellent and her organizational abilities to be among the best.  She possesses a clear way of thinking that makes problem solving a snap and warmth that makes her likeable and easy to work with.  I couldn't have picked a better moniker for Donna than "Get It Done Coach."  That describes her to a T!” 

- Gordon, Technical Wizard

"During the time we worked together in the nonprofit world, Donna’s insight and organizational skills brought order to semi-chaos. Her writing skills and ability to connect improved interdepartmental communications."

– Roberta, Program Supervisor

“Get It Done! Coaching is sure to be a great success because there is no one more compassionately competent at coaching than is Donna Khanvali. Her work is the model of efficiency and convenience. She tends to solve problems in a single shot and what she proposes becomes, in the end, a model answer to the problem. I would hire her and highly recommend her for she is a person of high integrity, good spirits, and keen insight. I have enjoyed my time working with her and I look forward to new opportunities to learn from how she moves in the world, assisting others along the way to do their thing."

- Enoch, Retired Professor

“I found Donna's multi-faceted skills to be a great comfort and her practical knowledgebase a wonderful resource as we were navigating uncharted project waters. Her attention to detail was impeccable, as were her drafting and editing capabilities- and I am a very picky taskmaster in these areas. She was extremely resourceful.”

– Joan, Restaurant and Hospitality Consultant

“Donna came into an environment that was in transition and through her hard work, tenacity and vision was able to help and lead the transformation. Donna's interpersonal relationship skills are superior as she clearly understands and leverages people to get things done on time and within budget. It was a sheer pleasure to work with Donna as I consistently left every interaction better than I entered.”

- Trinice, Talent Management and Development Consultant

“Although Donna is a tireless leader who constantly seeks new, creative, and practical approaches to deliver efficiency and excellence, her strengths are much broader. Donna has very strong interpersonal skills which makes her successful at interacting with all levels of employees and management. Additionally, Donna is a motivator.”

– Frank, Compensation Director

“Donna Khanvali has been an instrumental mentor both personally and professionally. Donna does a great job with developing team members, encouraging growth and providing clear direction.”

  - Niambi, Manager  

“Donna is extremely supportive and efficient. Her attention to detail and constant desire to strive for excellence are motivation for those around her to do the same.”

- Nicole, Customer Contact Specialist

“I commend Donna’s passion and commitment to a quality work product, and admire her ability to balance her diverse skills in achieving results.”
- Toni, Human Resources

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